Miriam Yeung’s Romantic Christmas Story With A Guy

Yesterday, Miriam was the special guest for her good friend Eric Kwok’s music concert. During the show, the host/mc asked her about her most memorable Christmas and it brought back some sweet memories with her ex. Also, when Eric Kwok and Miriam were talking to some fans about some funny stories that happened during Christmas, Miriam told a story that happened two years ago where she bought a ‘real’ pine tree home for Christmas.

That year she decided to beautifully decorate this Christmas tree, but the ‘balls’ which she spent almost ten thousand dollars on couldn’t hang on the tree which turned out to be 6 feet tall. She didn’t know that the tree would be so wide and the branches and leaves on the tree were so tiny. Even her whole family couldn’t hang those decorations on the tree. At last her mother gave up hanging the decorations and instead she had to spend time vacuuming the leaves that fell from the tree. And she herself had to spend an extra few hundred dollars to buy a big ribbon to tie a butterfly knot to decorate the top of the tree. She said, "If I knew, I would’ve spent all the money I’ve spent on the tree and decorations on myself instead. It’s better to meet a 6 feet tall guy than buy a 6 feet tall tree."

When asked about her sweetest Christmas, she said that a few years ago she spent a white Christmas in New York and even had a candlelit dinner. Reporters then asked her what year was it that she’d spent that romantic Christmas. She said that it was five years ago. Reporters then went on to assume that it was Ronald Cheng. Miriam replied, "Can we not talk about it? It’s already in the past. It’s just going to be unhappy if we continue talking about it." She then went on to change the topic, "That night at 12 o’clock sharp, I ran out into the street and screamed ‘It’s snowing!’. Then a white guy gave me a stare. Actually, it’s tradition to give the person next to you a hug after the count down. It was so embarassing. This proves that we have different ‘channel’. Forget it, let’s just think that I was a kid that don’t know much about the world." When reporters again asked if the guy was Ronald Cheng, she didn’t say no. She just said, "All in all, it’s a man."

When asked how she’s going to spend this year’s Christmas, she said, "So ‘gray’/depressing, because I have to film some interviews. When these holidays come around, my friends usually ditch me and go out with their other half. I’m just one person, so I think I’ll just go home and do opera instead." Reporters asked if any of her friends had been a cupid and introduce some guys to her. Miriam said that her friends know her personality: fickle/always changing and picky. She said that her friend once planned a blind date for her. But she didn’t know and she offended/’inched’ the stranger. The guy was shocked/scared off by her ill manners that he didn’t speak to her throughout the whole dinner. She also told her friend to stop playing cupid and setting up dates for her.

Miriam laughed and said, "Maybe I should practice playing Mahjong because singles usually play Mahjong during the holidays to kill time. Then I’ll have some company to spend the holidays. Also how you behave when you play Mahjong and when you drink is the best in telling clearly what kind of a person you are. I can then be able to choose my husband on the Mahjong table! Haha!"

Although Miriam doesn’t like people playing cupid for her, she was the one that introduced to Bobo Chan her current boyfriend. Recently, there were rumours about Bobo that she was pregnant. Miriam said that she already phoned Bobo and asked her if it was true. Bobo in turn told her that those rumours were all false. But when asked if she knew that there were also rumours about Edmond Leung’s girlfriend Karen being pregnant, she said, "Is it true? I’ve never heard about it. If it’s true then it’s a good thing! They should tell me about it!" When asked if she would ask him about it she said, "That’s a good idea, but I’ve already asked Bobo Chan in the daytime. If I go on to ask Edmond Leung in the evening, then I’ll be too bossy. Haha!"

Reporters mentioned some rumours about a planned/set up that she will win the Chik Chak 903 Favorite Female Award. She said, "These things can be planned? Even if they are, they wouldn’t choose this year/bothersome time when I’m about to switch companies. There are always rumours when award ceremonies come along. If they’re going to spread rumours about a planned/decided award, it’s better that they spread rumours about a planned boyfriend. I really like a foreign artist. It’ll be great if 903 invite him and I can use this chance to get introduced to him. This planned set up is even better." The press conference to announce Miriam signing with A Music should take place in January of next year. She said that it’s a good start to a brand new year.

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