Miriam Yeung’s New Album

Yesterday, Miriam Yeung held an autograph session at a mall and attracted over 1000 people to come and watch. Other than playing games with her fans, she also signed autographs for 500 fans. Her album, out for only a few days, sold over 25, 000 copies. Also, her song got into the Jade Solid Gold 3rd Round Selections. She couldn’t help exclaiming, "Wow! Simply more powerful than a tiger!"

But Miriam doesn’t dare to slow down yet. She is still trying to promote her album and increase sales. She is also about to make 4 Music Videos soon. Although she hadn’t released an album in more than a year, her popularity had not decreased. Her fans that were present were screaming and were giving her presents to support her. Even though she got sick as a result of being so busy these days, she still managed to smile and laugh during the whole function. Her new album is the last album with Gold Label, but yesterday Gold Label still sent her some assistants to help her out. East Asia had also sent her some assistants.

Miriam said that the jobs in December are all organized by Gold Label. East Asia will be responsible for it on January the first. But the two companies have a very friendly relationship. The assistants/workers for these two companies often go out an eat together after work. Miriam also said, "I want to have a good ending to a good beginning. All in all, I really want to thank Paco. I’ve even given him a bottle of whiskey recently!" During the time when she’s about to switch companies, Miriam is still very busy and do not have much rest. She even said, "I’m even more hard-working than before."

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