Miriam Yeung’s Golden Era

“I’m very glad that I have been a nurse before entering the entertainment business. Through the experience of saving lives and other trainings I learnt to handle things decisively, with courage and with good physical ability. I also learnt to treat patients with patience. A high EQ allows me to understand how to face pressure in the entertainment business. It helps me to understand that when I face the media, I have to have manners. Nurses have to unceasingly increase their knowledge and take tests. As a result of the tests of facing different awards ceremonies, I learned how to welcome it with a smile. Because my mom said that if a woman wants to have someone to marry her then they must know how to ‘endure’. As to the future, I just want to live more happily. Youth is limited, but your vitality is unlimited.” Every person has his/her own experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re the lazy commoner or the famous/successful, you still have your very own era. Miriam Yeung’s era, although it is not smooth and problem-free, it still has its own rich harvests. We’re not just talking about her income, but also every step she took. Here, she will personally tell readers about her era, her story.

It is still the time when Yeung Jat Wah (Miriam’s original name) was studying/going to school that I miss most. If this world really have a time machine, I most want to go back to that time period. That is the time when I interacted with my classmates in the most pure and innocent way. Other than studying with a carefree attitude, I faced almost everything with a blazing heart. Everything was also taken care of by my parents. It was true happiness. Later on, I entered nursing school and I, along with my good friends, had a lot of dreams. But it was also about this time that I began to understand that dreams and plans doesn’t equal reality. It allowed me to understand the need to accept/withstand defeat and failure.

The 3 years as a nursing student helped me a lot since entering the entertainment circle. When I was studying, I was very egocentric. But nursing is a job that requires you to show your love and care. Because without patience and compassion, even without EQ, there is no way you can face this job that changes in so many ways everyday. The hospital is basically the shrunken world where you see all the vicissitudes of life and all the dying and parting. In one moment, you’re happy after helping a patient leave the hospital after recovery. But in the next, you’re busy trying to save another patient. And also, patient’s family members are understandingly not in a good mood. How am I to go about telling them the current condition of the patient? This is also a knowledge about the interaction between people. Thinking carefully, facing all the different kinds of people in the hospital is the same as how I’m currently facing the different audiences. I must let everyone see the best side of me. The first aid I learnt in nursing school included deciding on how to rescue a patient in the shortest time possible. This trained me to do things decisively and with courage. It allowed me to understand how to face pressure. Nurses needs a high EQ and good patience because if your tone or the way you express yourself is a bit rough/rude, there’s a possibility that you’ll get a complaint for having bad manners. This is exactly the same way I have to face the media right now. Everybody’s just doing their job. Even they want to do the best they could. Then I’ll do my best to coordinate and work with them. As to ridiculous rumors, I just swallow it and that’s all. Unless it affects my character/reputation, then of course I’ll ‘Say No’!

The six year period from Capital Artists to Gold Label can be said to be my ‘Adult Ceremony/Ritual’. When I first entered the business, I had a lot of requests and persistence. This period allowed me to understand that as a person you have to be less wanting to win all the time and spend more time thinking instead. This was also the period where I began using my EQ. I’m very proud to have come out of “The Music Industry’s Shaolin Temple” (Capital Artists). Because at that time, as a singer, I was very independent. I went by myself to shows and functions. No assistants, no promotional workers, no make-up artists, no hairstylists, and no million dollar promotion fee. Started it all from the bottom up. And because everything I got was from my own hard work, I really cherish them.

Later on, I signed with Paco Wong (Gold Label). He raised up my status as a singer and pushed it to a higher level. “The Shaolin Temple” taught me to understand that regardless of whether you’re in a bad situation or a good one (rich, famous, at the top, etc.), the most important thing is that you are ‘into’ what you’re doing. As long as you’re ‘into’ what you’re doing and use your honest/true heart to face everything, you’re already the victorious one. Everybody wants to chase fame and fortune, but money cannot buy a person’s (moral) character and honesty/trustfulness.

Been in this business for 11 years, switched companies twice. I think that this time I handled it much more maturely. Even when I was putting out an album just before switching companies, I tried my best to help out with the promotion. Albums are my ‘heart and blood’. It shouldn’t be spoiled just because ‘two people’ separated.

Since I was little, my parents are very strict. I’ve tried getting ‘zero awards’ before because I switched companies. At that time, I knew I was going to get nothing and I thought about not attending the ceremony in order to avoid it. But my mother lectured me and said, “You have to attend it even if you don’t have any awards. I would still come and watch every one of them to support you. Attending awards ceremonies is not all for receiving awards. It’s a type of respect to yourself and the media. If you can’t even endure these type of situations, how are you to handle that big event in your life? As Chaozhou women, our best quality is the degree of our endurance. That’s why if you want to be able to get married in the future, then you’ll have to endure!” For future happiness, of course I will endure it! Hahaha!

After switching to a new company, How will I be? As to the future, I just want to be happy. I’m already 33 years old. So-called ‘Youth is limited, but vitality isn’t”. I will use the same attitude as I did during the “Capital Artists” era to face the new beginning at East Asia. You can’t always have a problem-free life. If you win all the time, then there really is no meaning/not interesting. I like to challenge obstacle contests!

When I joined East Asia, I predicted that the question that most people asks won’t be about when I will release my next album. I also predicted that people will ask me about the rumors between me and Sammi Cheng. There are some people that will say that we are ‘acting’ or that we are ‘fighting for who can act better’ when they look at the pictures with us together. I won’t have any special reaction. The most important thing is that between us we trust each other and that we have a sincere friendship. Of course, if everyone in this world chooses to believe in the truth/the reality, then this world would be at peace. But, instead, everyone chooses to believe otherwise. It isn’t that important anyway. In any case, I really appreciate the opportunity they give me to handle this matter. The way I choose to handle it is with an honest heart and naturalness. It is very satisfying.

The future Miriam Yeung will continue to sing good songs, make good movies, and make more time to spend with friends and family. My company should calculate right down to the penny when they give me my part of the earnings. Maybe I will work harder to find a partner. The most important thing is that I have happiness. Enough for me to be a happy person!

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