Miriam Yeung’s 33rd Birthday: Ran for 4 Hours On the Streets

Miriam Yeung was filming for director Law Wing Cheong’s new film ‘Ah Miu’s Ten Years’ last night and it was her 33rd birthday. The film crew, even the behind the scenes people, prepared a surprise birthday party for her. First, the director told Miriam to go to the make-up room to do her make-up while the crew decorated the place. When Miriam came in for the start of filming, she still didn’t know a thing about it. Eason who was on the side screamed out, "You have to come and chop 6 fish!" When Miriam found out that the crew had prepared a party for her, she was extremely surprised. Other than singing Happy Birthday for her, Eason Chan also gave her a bouquet of fresh flowers. Miriam’s birthday wish was good health for everybody and for the director to get the best new director award.

That night Miriam had to film a scene where she runs for 19 blocks. The director at first was worried that she wouldn’t be able to do it. Turns out, after running for only a block Miriam was already taking deep breaths. She even said so herself that she is ‘weak breath weak blood’. In the end, this scene took 4 hours to finish filming. Right before Miriam’s birthday at 11:59pm, the director said Happy Birthday to Miriam and let her off for the night. At that time, there were already over 100 fans there waiting to celebrate her birthday with her. Miriam opened champagne bottles and her fans sang happy birthday to her. Miriam ended up cutting 11 birthday cakes and opened 3 bottles of champagne. One of the birthday cakes could sing and release fireworks. This scared Miriam and she quickly jumped back making a hilarious scene. After signing with East Asia, she’s had a huge workload and has been very busy and tired, but she said that she is still very happy that she has work to do. And on the real day of her birthday she said that she will spend it by having dinner with friends.

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