Miriam Yeung Will Not Attend Paco/Ronald’s New Movie Premiere

Although the weather in Hong Kong is starting to get chilly, but yesterday evening Miriam Yeung wore a thick coat to attend the grand opening of a sports store (Nike). She explained by saying that because she’s been in a rush to finish her new album, her body is kind of weak. Her album is set to be released in November. The last time she released an album was a year and a half ago. During which she went to China to to do a series. Right now she is still missing four songs. Only after finishing the album will she start to talk with her company about a contract extension.

Last night is also the premiere of her boss Paco’s new movie "Black Fist" (Current name: Fatal Contact). Miriam said that he did invite her, but she said to him, "Do you want me to put out a new album or put out a fist? I’m already very supportive as I am already promoting it for him right now. I have to go to the recording studio. I can’t make it to the premiere."

Shocked by Nicholas and Cecilia’s Marriage News
Regarding Nicholas and Cecilia’s marriage in the Philippines, Miriam has been too into work that she did not know a thing about it. That’s why with a shocked look she said, "Wow! But why go all the way to the Philippines so far? Congratulations!" Nicholas and Cecilia right after getting back together now has a happy ending, will this happen to you and Ronald too? She quickly drew a border line between him and her saying, "No need, I like re-made/vintage things rather than get back together (she was doing a pun on the word ?? and ??? meaning products being remade after ceasing to be produced), how many ten years do you have in a lifetime, of course you have to try new things. I like to look forward." She also said that she wouldn’t envy others getting married. She would only be happy for them. Right now, she is only worried about her career and she haven’t thought about things like marriage and having children yet.

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