Miriam Yeung Unveils Wax Figure At The Peak

There have been rumours that Miriam Yeung would be kicked out of the top three spots for Best Female Artist in this year’s ‘Chik Chak 903 Awards’. But Miriam still carries her ‘courage’ character pointing out that there are no failures in the music industry. Being excluded from the top three spot doesn’t mean you’ve lost. She went on to laugh and say she’s aiming for the "Golden Needle Award".

Yesterday, Miriam went to the Peak’s Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum to unveil her wax figure. The wax figure models after her look from her previous concert (The Yeung Warrior look). It was also the world’s first wax figure that makes laughing sounds. Miriam said that the wax figure looks 90% like herself. She said, "Even some private areas are created according to my measurements. I’m even considering getting some clothes for my wax figure to change." When asked if she was scared that some people would do inappropriate/improper actions when looking at the figure, she said, "I believe my fans won’t do such a thing. Even if someone does do improper actions, my wax figure would respond with a laugh!"

According to rumours, Miriam Yeung is about to be kicked out of the top three spot for Best Female Singer by Denise Ho and Joey Yung. Miriam said that not being in the top three doesn’t mean you’ve lost. She said, "If the music industry only has a top three, meaning there’s only 3 albums, then there would be a big problem! Award presentations are forms of Marketing. It is also the record company and its artists’ target. My partcipation in award presentations is my way of supporting the music industry. The music industry don’t have failures. It’s a matter of ‘positions’."

She went on to say that it is a good thing if Denise or Joey won the award because the music industry needs different qualities/natures to build on. It also needs a topic to capture the audience’s attention. In response to Joey saying that she sees only herself and Denise competing for the award excluding Miriam as a competitor, Miriam said, "I don’t believe she meant it that way. There are always this type of news every year."

Miriam says that every artist has their own different posts. She went on to laugh and say that she needs to rest this year and is specially responsible for lighting and Christmas ceremonies. Asked if she still have confidence in winning the award, she said, "As an artist, you have to have confidence in order to walk up the stage. I’m very confident in my work. Promotions comes along with my job. There is no winning or losing." She also said that her target now is the "Golden Needle Award" and that her contract problem with her record company still hadn’t come to any conclusions yet. But they’re still rushing for an album to be put out before the end of the year.

Comments: Her album is rumoured to be out on December 15th. She said so herself in an interview.

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