Miriam Yeung: Filming of New Music Video

Miriam’s first Amusic album “Meridian” has released. Miriam filmed the music video for “Same Sickness Falls in Love” and presented the look of weak beauty!

Miriam used to play cheerful or strong characters in her movies or music videos mostly, but the director for the MV of “Same Sickness Falls in Love” hoped Miriam could change her strong look and present a kind of weak beauty. Miriam communicated with the director before they started work, hoping to fulfill the director’s request as much as possible. This song’s lyrics is written by Miriam’s old partner Lin Xi, content is about 2 person falling in love and having to tolerate hunger together, is also a form of happiness. Miriam agrees a lot with this view about love.

Although this song is about love, the director did not arrange any handsome male lead in the MV. Miriam had to act with the air because computer effects will be added in the post production. Miriam said, “It’s quite difficult for me to act with the air and make expressions. I have to imagine what the picture is like! But luckily the communication with the director was good and the filming was finished in a few hours in the afternoon!”

The night before the shoot, Miriam had just finished recording of her songs and hence was a bit tired. Luckily she only had to film inside a studio and the process was considered relaxed. She could also take the chance to rest a bit.

After the filming, the crew was about to take away the prop cake, but Miriam couldn’t help and ate a few bites, just like a kid stealing food to eat!

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