Miriam Yeung Dated But Guys Scared Away By Camera Flashes

Miriam Yeung likes to laugh, giving people a sense that she is full of emotions. Although she’s passed the 30 year old mark, she never refused to talk about how much she wants to have a relationship. But because this is Miriam Yeung we are talking about, guys who are interested are always scared away by camera flashes.

When Miriam signed with East Asia’s A-Music Company, she chose her beloved Little Prince as a gift for the guests and reporters who attended the press conference (it was a Little Prince tea set). Although Miriam seems strong externally, but she, like The Little Prince, has a naive and frail mind. After breaking up with Ronald Cheng, Miriam said that she have dated other men, but it’s dead meat once camera starts flashing. She said, "When people starts taking pictures, even if it’s a tourist who’s taking them, the guy runs away in an instant as if there was an earthquake. What I’m most scared of is that my other half would be investigated by reporters."

Even after all that, Miriam is still waiting for her prince charming to come along. She said, "Right now, reality don’t allow me to have a relationship. But I believe that if I must meet one, I will certainly meet one someday." On rumours about her getting back together with Ronald Cheng, she said that they broke up because of their different personalities and communication problems. She also said that right now they have become very good friends who cares a lot about eachother.

On the topic of friends within the entertainment circle, Miriam said that, "Artists, to a certain degree, protect themselves. They won’t reveal a lot of what’s inside their hearts. But whenever my mood falls straight down the valley, there would be a person who would come out and help me. My personality is very fickle/changes constantly and I’m also very picky. Once, I had too high of a spirit (got lost in the fame and fortune of being a celeb), but fortunately it lasted for only a very short time because it was right at the time when Capital Records closed down. I was very scared of losing my career. Therefore, I was ‘woken up’ (back to my senses) from early on. Honestly, heaven didn’t treat me too bad."

Also, when Miriam was interviewed by Carol Cheng a few days ago, she was asked about recent rumors of her investing in real estate in Macau. She said that real estate is not one of her interests. She said, "As a woman, knowing how to invest is not a bad thing. I’ve never thought about retiring or changing my career. I’ll probably change my career only when I’ve gotten bored of it or when I have other interests. On retiring, I think that I still have the ability to do my best. I cherish the time I have when I still have work."

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