Miriam, Stephy + Sammy Work on Radio Drama

Miriam Yeung, Stephy Tang, Miki Yeung and Stephanie Cheng have agreed to work on a radio drama for Chik Chak 903 radio station. Yesterday, the female singers and the DJs of the station, including Sammy Leung, attended a photo shoot for the ads of the radio drama.

Wearing wedding gowns, Miriam and Vincci Cheuk went to an old grand manor to shoot for the advertisement, along with Sammy. Sammy fell in love with the manor at first sight and so, went to explore by himself. While Sammy was gone, the two females chatted happily to each other and when the photographer saw this, he immediately took pictures of the two. The photographer later explained that he wanted to capture shots of them relaxed, happy and natural.

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