Miriam Shows Support for At 17’s Sing Sing Sing Concert 2006 Warm Up

Fa has shown up at female group, At17’s concert warm up, to show support. She also brought 2 "brave" gold medals for them as a gift. She admired them right from the start. Now they have chosen a new arena for their concert. She felt it is a very brave move. Therefore despite the tight schedule, she still squeeze out the time to come and support them.

Fa expressed that she admire the group’s music aspiration, their willingness to speak up and sincere nature. Hence she will give them her full support.

Later part of the year, she will be shooting a movie with director ???.

The details has not yet been made known to her. She will need to wait for the director, returning from venice, for further discusion.

They also talk about the recent news whereby ???(Eason) express that he will not be releasing new album and intended to survive on previous hits. Fa said, she does not has as much hit as Eason. Therefore she will not be able to emulate that. Moreover she laughingly said, Eason is an alien, hence his thoughts are different from normal human and therefore different from hers.

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