Miriam maybe joining East Asia with Sammi

Sammi has been continuously declining to start work and stayed home instead. Although Media Asia has been constantly trying to get her to start on a movie, however Sammi did not give any confirmation. There were news that East Asia’s boss, Peter Lam was not very happy and decided to spend the resources on someone else. Since Miriam Yeung’s contract with Gold Label will be expiring soon, Peter is determined to sign Miriam over with a 2 year contract worth HKD40mil. The contract will include album, movie and concert which allows her plenty of flexibility.

Sammi could be feeling threatened of her position in the company and lately she was seen going out with friends from the movie industry. She also agreed to be in a movie directed by Pang Ho-Cheung (with Anthony Wong).

Miriam, on the other hand has denied being approached by East Asia and is puzzled how this news came about. She said she is still discussing with Paco and Gold Label on renewing her contract as it is still early. However, she did not dismiss the possibiliy of joining another company.

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