Miriam Gives Hope to Children in Africa through UNICEF’s “Share Our Love”,

On October 11th, 2006, as the ambassador of the UNICEF children foundation, Miriam was invited to the "Share Our Love" donation activity. The organizer specially prepared a pair of large lover cups for her. Since Miriam is still single, she kept one cup for herself and left the other cup at the UNICEF children foundation. Her rapport with the foundation is very good, since she has worked with the foundation for 8 years.

Miriam participates at the foundation’s visiting activities every year. In the previous visit, she has visited slum in mainland China, with the foundation. This time around, she hopes to visit Africa and today’s donation publicity is for the children in Africa.

The main focus of the event is to allow children in slum to have inoculation. Hence the organizer of the event arranged 3 cute children to act as nurse, putting up an act of defeating disease together.

As Miriam’s contract is ending soon and there are rumours that another company is willing to use a 40 million contract to sign her. Her boss, Paco was often seen attending activities with her recently. It is as if he is trying to use his sincerity to move Miriam to sign up with him.

-Support you always no matter what! Through your love, sincerity, and kindness, may GOD bless you!

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