Miriam Gets Sick but Decides to Keep Up Hard Work

Fa was the guest star for a charity show,???????????on 01Sep2006. 2 days prior to that, she was down with fever.
During the show, she got the lyric of??????wrong. So the music was replayed for her to perform it again.
She explained that the medication she took that night, made her felt giddy.

She felt that her hactic schedule is the cause of her illness. She has just took 2 days to accompany her brother to england, where he will further study. Later on, she has to go mainland to perform voice over for the TV drama she has done. She also has to record new songs for her up coming album, to be released in Oct.

When the reporter asked whether would she worry that having her album release at the end of the year, would affect her chance to get awards. She said that she release album, not for the awards, every year is the same. The quality of the album is more important.
As for her contract issue, she said she did not have chance to meet up with Paco. Nevertheless the contract expire in November, hence it is not that urgent. She hope to produce her album first. It has been a year since she last produced an album.
She laughingly hope that holiday will come soon. She will try to emulate "iron man", Andy Lau, and handle all the "tidal wave"-like work.

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