Miriam Denies Persuading Eason to Join East Asia,

There were rumors saying Eason Chan offered to sign a contract with East Asia, but East Asia has spent a huge sum to sign Miriam, therefore rejected his offer. Miriam attended a event at Kwai Ching and she said she doesn’t believe this news.

She thought it was perhaps she just finished a film with Eason, hence the media wrote about this. The gossip news also wrote that if Eason joins East Asia, it’ll be like the the three treasures of Capital Artist era. Miriam was excited after hearing this, "Yes, good, I like that. Boss please reform Capital Artist!"

When asked if she persuaded Eason to join East Asia before, Miriam replied, "I don’t do such things, you think I’m not troubled enough? I’m an alien, I won’t do so. If it’s investments, buying properties and shares, I don’t mind discussing. Contracts are better to leave him discuss with his wife. I’m scared at hearing ‘changing company’."

Miriam said that in her 10 years in showbiz, she has never had so much news like now. After she has joined East Asia, there has been rumors of her fighting with Sammi Cheng, causing headaches for the company. If Eason joins East Asia, there will also be rumors that he’s fighting with Andy Hui. Miriam said, "Very nervous, why is it so high? I never hear these before, I’m not a gossipy person and I seldom say such things. These things never happen in the past. Now it’s testing my EQ, a chance for me to improve myself."

After attending the Kwai Ching event for ex-convicts, Miriam said, "I learned a lot. I learned to treasure what’s in front of me and understood the importance of respect. Ex-convicts had once made mistakes but doesn’t mean they are wrong for the whole life. The society should give them more chances and encouragement."

Hong Kong Music Fair will be held on 21st March. An album will be recorded and sold at the 3-day fair. All proceeds will be used for anti-piracy.

Singers have chosen a few senior singers’ songs to record. Miriam has picked Anita Mui’s "Flaming Lips".

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