Mike He Sucks Up To Ma Ying Jiu

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Mike He was hosting TVBS-G’s “Entertainment News” on the 11, and coincidentally met Taipei mayor Ma Ying Jiu in the make up room. Because they were both on the ballot for “Most Likely to Have an Affair” and “Most Likely to Be Ideal Husband” not too long ago, so the two men had a lot of interesting topics to talk about.

Taipei mayor Ma Ying Jiu knew that Mike was chosen as “Most Likely to Have an Affair”, couldn’t help but laugh: “Good thing it wasn’t me.” As for meeting an idol the first time, Mike was super nervous, and he couldn’t stop fussing around, also helping Ma Ying Jiu hold his towel, and tried to help Ma Ying Jiu’s make up artist, etc. He also generously expressed his respect for the mayor, he said: “Not only is he handsome, he knows how to take care of so many business and takes care of his family. At this time, not a lot of men can do that.”

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