Michelle thanks Francis Ng tipping her in the film

The Closet synopsis

12 March 2007

Lo Fei (Francis Ng) who is very rebellious even at tender age, constantly went against his father and grew up under the influence of his childhood fears due to the mistreatment of his hot tempered father. The painful memories haunted him, causing him to constantly have illusions of his father.

Lo Fei chose the challenging magical performance to prove his talents to others. Once, he was injured due to the sudden flashes of his childhood memories during his performance. His girlfriend, Lei Hiu King (Yang Chihfei), who was not sure of the real reason behind Lo Fei’s disturbed manner, brought him to a secluded villa for a vacation to recover. However, the place sent chills to Hiu King, and mysterious events happened one after another. In addition, the couple next door, Ngok Fung (Eddie Cheung) and Mang Ping (Michelle Ye) have eerie personalities, and sometimes a shadow of a white little girl appears…

After staying there for quite some time, Hiu King noticed that Lo Fei was influenced by the new place as well, and secretly arranged for the lead magician of the magic studio to send an invitation to her boyfriend to request for a sculpture of his father for the remembrance of his 20th anniversary of passing away. Unexpected by Hiu King, this has caused Lo Fei’s childhood unhappy memories to resurface, leading to a horrifying event.

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