Michelle Reis Opens her Heart to Stephen Chan

Michelle Reis is the latest guest to be interviewed by TVB General Manager Stephen Chan in his chat show "Be My Guest" and she was presented with a giant teddy bear, dressed in a swimsuit like the one that Michelle wore when she was crowned Miss Hong Kong in 1988. It also had on an elegant evening gown and a Miss Hong Kong staff, crown, sash and cape. Michelle’s childlike innocence immediately surfaced and excitedly set about crowning the toy.

Stephen revealed: "I had asked Michelle beforehand who I should not mention, but she said no-one." Michelle says that she will talk about anything in the show and she will not even avoid talking about her love life. Asked if she was worried about Stephen’s questions being very direct, she says: "It shouldn’t be a problem, I know that he treats his guests well." Asked how many blue roses he had presented Michelle with, Stephen smiles: "It is not 99, only Leon Lai gives 99 roses." When she heard this, Michelle became a little wary and laughed: "I am starting to worry about his questions now!" Asked how she would respond to questions about her romances, she says: "I will answer them. For it to come from my mouth is better than all the guessing and story-telling from everyone else." Asked if she is worried about being asked about her wedding date, she says that the reporters always ask her about this anyway, so she is not afraid. So when is her wedding date? Michelle indicates that no matter when people ask her, the answer will the same, she has no fantasies about marriage. Michelle says she has seen the interviews that Stephen has done with Andy Lau, Carol Cheng and SAR Chief Executive Donald Tsang and she says that the format of the interview over a meal is very unusual and different from a normal magazine interview.

Asked if she has kept her staff and cape from when she won the pageant, Michelle smiles: "I sometimes still try on my chipao at home, because it is quite tight fitting and I can use it to check my figure." Has she ever not fit into it? She smiles: "Of course. (Did you put on weight because you were dating?) No, it is when I am unhappy that I tend to eat more." As for her staff and cape, she laughs that her friends often ask to take a look at them when they visit her at home. So does she parade in a circle for them? Michelle laughs out loud and says: "Usually it is my friends who try them on and sometimes they don’t want to take them off." As soon as Michelle received her gift from Stephen, she started to think about where she could put it.

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