Michelle familiar with both lands

If we scan through Michelle’s news in the past year carefully, it is either that she does not get along with her co-stars, or she got ‘removed’ to Mainland for half a year, thus causing her to disappear from the gossip magazine for a period of time. Is this statement true? The involved has denied it, and explained that the northern (in China) is merely part of her work, Michelle also appears in Hong Kong movies, including the movie ‘The Closet’ which will be airing soon. She will continue to work hard after this and will not leave behind Hong Kong. Then she who originates from Mainland, and her career progress in Hong Kong, how do they stand and weigh in her heart? The actual answer is, even if she was believed to be an ambitious girl, she actually loves her home, her soulmate, her family, she emphasizes that work is important but she too will not forget the invaluable love of her grandparents.

Michelle who has ever mentioned that she will not film in a ghost movie, but in fact became among the lead in ‘The Closet’, how was her feeling of her first terrorizing screaming? Michelle expressed that it is true that she was initially afraid, but in fact found it to be quite fun after some time. “It can’t be said to be a ghost movie, it is more to a thriller. For example, I learnt the techniques to film this genre of movie, like how the spirit’s shadow appears is actually pulled by the rail, it is the result of the pushing of a big crowd, in short it is quite a fun experience.”

It was a pleasant collaboration with Eddie and Francis

Michelle was very satisfied to work with Xing Hao and the whole new crew of casts. Everyone respected another well, while she has tacit understanding with Eddie and Francis since their collaboration in TVB. The work progressed quite smoothly.

When asked of the three characters, the wife, the husband and the neighbor, if her character was eliminated, will she choose to act Eddie’s or Francis’ character? She replied: “I think I will act Eddie’s role.” Is it because she gets to torture the wife? “A little. I really admire him that he did not injure me while attacking me. We look quite violent when we fought, of course getting hurt is unavoidable in filming, but I’m still fine after all, I feel that his character is hard to play.”

Her character this time includes schizophrenia symptoms; did Michelle get any information before filming? Michelle pointed that she mostly act as a housewife, thus she went to study the attitude and routines of a housewife. She also got some tips from Francis Ng who always acts schizophrenia roles, how to play it more realistically, and it was even more impressive that she did learnt quite some skills. Then, is it hard to withdraw from the role after filming? “This question is often asked, but luckily I don’t have this situation. Maybe it is dependent on each actor’s tactic, for me, I won’t be extremely absorbed while preparing and after filming, I will only transform into the character while filming. When the director calls “Cut”, I can immediately laugh out loud.”

Familiar with Northern (Mainland), willing to experience new things

There were claims that ever since the shooting of this movie, Michelle had to travel to and fro between Mainland and Hong Kong, she admitted that she couldn’t adapt initially, and fell sick at work. Luckily after a short period of time, after a few days, she was totally absorbed into the filming, she did not have trouble resting during her filming period, it went quite well to allow her enough rest to recharge.

When discussed about her filming routine in Mainland, she who originates from Hangzhou is not only familiar, but in fact feels even more comfortable to live in Mainland than in Hong Kong. “Well, for me I in fact need to adapt to Hong Kong, because I am born in Mainland. Then again, I have lived in Hong Kong for so many years, thus my feelings for both places don’t actually vary much. And I have been filming there constantly, since my first series in TVB ‘Gods of Honors’, and basically, I will work in Mainland almost every year, so it is not too bad.”

In her future work schedule that is known thus far, after ‘The Closet’ Michelle has actually already finished filming a whole new comedy film, and following, she will film a thriller genre film, she will challenge herself to play three roles, she seems to be definitely someone who is willing to try new things. At this, she honestly admitted: “Yes, be it and ugly role or a beautiful character, it does not matter, I won’t discriminate it with outer appearance, there’s no problem even if it is a bitter film that requires me to constantly cry, I am willing to try my best. Especially in the movie industry, I am still very much a newbie, it is a big gap from my experience of filming series, so even if a friend asked me to film just even one scene or two, I will not reject.”

A whole bigger world after leaving TVB

Without realizing, Michelle has already left TVB for quite some time. Michelle who is currently signed under Media Asia’s Rich and Famous felt that it is no doubt that there will be some difference in her work. “This has allowed me to understand that there is a whole bigger world outside, firstly, I can now film movies, this is one of my dreams, stepping into the movie screen from TV station, I wouldn’t have this chance had it not been for Rich and Famous. Also, because of this, I got to know many other directors and producers, and participated in a variety investment of films, giving me a whole new experience. It is so since my first film, otherwise how can I have so many memorable works. Be it movies or series, my first walk down the red carpet, nomination for Golden Horse award or series such as ‘Central Affairs’, these are all what my company has brought to me, I am extremely grateful.”

Michelle often needs to collaborate with Mainland actors, does she feel any isolation? “Hong Kong actors definitely have a lot of chances in Mainland, because Hong Kong has ‘packaged’ and trained us well. It is just like how when I recently filmed the series with Mainland film king, Zhang Mo, and Zhang Guo Li’s son, when we were filming, they will ask: “Why can’t we be the leads when we go to Hong Kong, yet you people (Hong Kong artists) can be the lead disregard of your background (when they come to Mainland)?” After listening to this point, I did feel a little lucky to be trained in Hong Kong, allowing us to get lead roles in the northern, on the other hand, I did feel that we need to get a few points cleared. After this chance of collaboration, they finally understood that Hong Kong actors do have their specialty, be it their popularity or their performance, it was worth it, also I have learnt their respective talents while filming this series.”

Family is undoubtedly most treasured

As her mother fell ill during Chinese New Year, this has let Michelle to be quite anxious, luckily her schedule was less packed during that time and had the chance to accompany her mother, this has led her to prioritize her family even more than ever. In the past, Michelle has expressed that she thought of getting married at 30 and be a mother at 32, at the current age of 27, the time seems quite near, does her family rush her into marriage?

“Sometime they will mention it, but actually I’m quite an independent person, I’m quite flexible on whether to get married or not, if it wasn’t for my contract, I can get married anytime. Of course for me, marriage is not a necessity, even if we’re mentally prepared, but I do not feel that a woman is missing something just because she does not get married, so I do not have the feeling of being forced.”

Why she said so is because there are people who need her love even more, they are her paternal grandparents who lived in Hangzhou. Michelle has had a series filming in Hangzhou before this, sh
e stayed at the hotel which was very near her grandparents house, her grandmother will cook almost everyday for her so that she needn’t to eat the crew’s lunchbox, then she suggested that her assistant to cook instead as she could not bear to see her grandparents to work so much just to cook for her. “I will often call then and sometimes take time to visit them. When I was in TVB, the time did not really allow so, but nowadays I will try to make it. When one matures more, one will feel that family becomes more important.”

Lastly, when the reporter asked Michelle, if she did not have any contract bounding her, and that she has the choice between family and work, how will she make her decision? “I will choose half for each, I can’t lose any. Life needs to be as vivid as possible; friends, family, work and love fills it up, but family definitely is more important. For family, there is no take two, if I lose my work, I can start all over again next year, but as for family, both my grandparents are already very old, if I don’t see the more of them, I might not have the chance again next year, I really do not want to have that kind of regrets.”


The reporter has not had the chance to meet Michelle before, and has only roughly read on all kinds of reports of her. However, when watching her toying with the tea cup playfully, and her utmost attention when listening to questions, as well as her attitude towards family and work, and thus understood her manner towards people and matters. Seeing her cheery expression while reading ‘Crayon Sin Chan’ comic before the interview, a phrase of words couldn’t help surfacing in the mind: Entertainment industry is in fact the place where everyone matures faster than reality.

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