Michelle and Sidney Yim Share Gifts at Christmas

Michelle Yim appeared at the Victoria Park Trade Fair yesterday to promote her sponsors health food product and her own book. Younger sister Sidney was also on hand to lend her support. For Christmas Eve, Michelle has invited her family out for dinner as her boyfriend Wan Chi Keung has joined Eric Tsang on a trip to Macau.

Asked if she has received a gift from Wan, Michelle says: "I have received it, but I have not opened it yet. It is a very small present. (Maybe it is a diamond!) Or it could just be a purse." As for what she has bought him, she would not reveal this, but she will be waiting until boxing day to open it. She says that every year they do buy each other gifts and keep up the suspense. With her sister showing support for her at the event, what has she bought her sister? Sidney quickly answered on her sister’s behalf saying: "My entire outfit was bought by my big sister." Asked what she will buy for Michelle in return, Sidney gave her sister a thank you kiss.

Michelle reveals that she will soon be heading out on vacation to Thailand before returning to help promote her new series "The Brink of Law", for which she holds great expectations. As well as some experienced veterans such as Elliot Yue in the show, there are also some younger stars such as Shirley Yeung, Ron Ng and Bernice Liu in the show. She praises Shirley for being very well-behaved, Bernice for her intelligence and she says that the young stars are all very punctual and arrive at work on time every day.

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