Michael Tse Would Like to Shave Charmaine’s Legs

Michael Tse and Jordan Chan prepared for their new series “Steel Lips Silver Teeth” with a headshaving ceremony, joined by female lead Charmaine Sheh. Seeing the men having so much fun, she wanted to join in the fun, so she picked up the shaver and helped them out, but left their heads in a bit of a mess. Michael requested the stylist to leave him with a punk hairstyle until he shaves it clear later on today.

Michael says that he will miss his hair a little, but he has not kept any as a memento because it will slowly grow back again. He says: “Yesterday, I originally asked my wife to give me a punk hairdo, but after an hour, it failed and we just gave up and I had to ask the stylist to do it for me.” Michael has not worked with Jordan for a while now and he hopes to convince him into giving up smoking, but says disappointedly: “I don’t think he can do it, I can just mention it more in front of him.”

For Jordan, this is the second time he has shaved his hair for a series after “Duke of Mount Deer” earlier. He is used to it now, but he laughs: “I had my hair permed especially for this!” As for Michael hoping he will quit smoking, he says with confusion: “In the show he has to smoke a pipe, so we will have to see if he is quitting or if I am.” For Charmaine who will have her costume fitting today, she says she is envious of their shaved heads because it seems so refreshing and she would not have to spend so much time doing her hair, especially when schedules are tight, then a bald head is more convenient. As for her first attempt at shaving someone’s head, she says she was worried about hurting them. When asked about her catching the top of Michael’s head, she laughs: “It serves him right, he is always so cheeky. He just said he would like to shave my legs for me!”

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