Michael Tse, Sheren Tang & Kiki Sheung at ‘Family Link’ Promotion

TVB’s new series “The Family Link” held a promotion yesterday in Tseung Kwan O, attended by Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung, Michael Tse and Kenneth Ma. The stars wore army themed outfits as they went shopping in the marketplace with just $30 and caused a little chaos as the stallholders complained about them getting in the way of business during the peak trading hours. Although the fruitstall owner complained about them affecting his business, he was still eager to get their autographs as he said: “I will lose at least $2000 in business at this rate, I’d better get myself an autograph though.” In the end, Kiki’s team won the competition and as Sheren and Michael’s team lost, they had to undergo a forfeit, with Michael and Kenneth being forced to put on some boxer shorts in public, which was very funny.

Michael and Sheren play a married couple in the series and they have a son and daughter aged 6 and 7 respectively. Sheren indicated that the children were very close to him, Michael smiled: “When we were off set, Sheren would push everything onto me, so I had to look after the children and I had to combine the soft and the hard approach with them.” As for the rumours that his wife is pregnant, Michael smiles avoidingly: “I didn’t know that! (How would you not know?) I didn’t ask! She did not say either. (Are you afraid of it being too early to say?) Are you talking about Hacken? He is [having a baby]. (Are you mentally prepared to be a father?) I am mentally prepared to shave my head for a new series. (How will you look after your wife when you are filming?) When I am filming, my wife will look after me.” When the reporters found they weren’t getting anywhere with him, they changed tack and asked him if his wife fell pregnant, would he announce it? He says continuing his jokes: “If Sheren has one, then I will definitely tell everyone.”

As for Kiki, she does usually go to the markets to buy ingredients for her soup and as for the complaints about them getting in the way, she syas: “So when we left, I did apologise to them for inconveniencing them. We filmed in this market before, somtimes until about 5pm and there were a lot of housewives who complained, but some were very good and stopped to chat with us. One chicken stall holder even asked me to introduce his son into acting.”

After filming this series, Sheren feels that it is a hard life being a housewife, but this has not put her off getting married and has made her realise what marriage is actually about, giving all your time and money to yuor children. When you don’t need to worry about romance any more, then life becomes more stable and you no longer have as many fantasies. She smiles: “Love in marriage changes into a different kind of love and that is one of acceptance. (It will be okay if you don’t have children?) My chances are slim, I don’t even have a husband yet.” Sheren hopes that this series can give comfort and encouragement to the hardworking housewives.

As for going shopping in the markets, Sheren says that when she lived in Clearwater Bay, she would often go out and buy groceries, but now she is in a new home and her mother cooks for her, then she rarely goes to the market any more. However, she had started shopping in the market from a young age and it gives her a very homely feeling because no matter how you look, the stallholders will always call you ‘pretty sister’, then naturally say something flattering about you, so it is a good place to check on your popularity levels. Has she been scolded at by the housewives? She smiles: “No, even when I was playing Yu Fei, they would not scold me. Maybe they would say: ‘You are so evil!’, but they did not mean it maliciously because the viewers understand it is just acting.”

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