Michael Tse Pledges to Quit Smoking

After many unsuccesful attempts to quit smoking, Michael Tse took part in a "Speed Quitting Competition" event yesterday, where he pledged to quit his habit of over 20 years in just four weeks. During the event, he had a carbon monoxide check that indicated that his addition was average.

Michael has tried to give up in the past and the best he has managed was five days. This time he has the support from his family and even his wife is joining him in the programme, which is very scientific and successful. There is no need to take pills and this makes him confident of successfully quitting this time. Asked if he and his wife are giving up because they would like to have children, Michael says that this is one of the reasons, because if the parents are healthy, then the children will also be healthy, but there are other reasons, such as when he saw people fainting in the Hong Kong Marathon and he says: "TVB has started filming using HD technology and this means that artistes’ appearances and skin will appear very clearly. Giving up smoking will improve my skin and I will look better on the screen!"

Asked whether he will be avoiding his smoking friends when he gives up, Michael says that he is worried about the temptation when he is with these friends, but he will not avoid them. He smiles: "I am most worried that when I give up, I will put on a lot of weight!" Talking of the smoker’s faces of other artistes, Michael says that Yuen Chau’s smoking face in movies is the most revolting.

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