Michael Tao in New Comedy Series with Louisa So

Last week, Michael Tao Dai Yu was in Guangzhou promoting for a home bathroom line and spoke about his recent career moves.

Michael’s new TVB series, "On the First Beat" 《学警出更》will be broadcasting soon. In the series, Michael is a police officer and he revealed that the filming was quite laborious.

Many of the cases in "On the First Beat" were based on real-criminal cases. In order to add to the realism, real-life police officers were invited to assist with the production. Michael revealed that he lost 12-13 pounds while filming the show. "On the First Beat" will be airing in China in March/ April timeframe.

After the Lunar New Year holiday, Michael will be partnering with Louisa So Yuk Wah in a new comedy series. Although the title for the new series has not been finalized yet, filming will take place in Japan. Michael looks forward to working with Louisa again, as it will be a good challenge.

As for his next career move, Michael hopes to take on more villian roles, such as "Flaming Brothers," in which his villianous character redeems himself in the end. But this time, Michael hopes to take on a classic villian role for the entire duration of the show.

Michael will be spending the Lunar New Year holiday with his family and friends. He balances work with his personal life, so that he will not neglect his family.

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