Michael Miu in Loving Relationship with Toby Leung

Michael Miu Kiu Wai and Toby Leung Ching Kei were filming an outdoor scene for "The Drive of Life" at a park in Sai Wan yesterday.

During the filming of the jogging scene, "father" Michael and "daughter" Toby got along extremely well with each other. Michael laughed, "We are the most loving father-daughter; it’s as if we were dating!"

The scene spoke of Michael and Toby running into Cheung Mei Lei, a female reporter who has long admired Michael. Michael’s character wanted to find a suitable job for his daughter, Toby, and thus he dallied with Cheung Mei Lei. Michael used his male charms and promised to have dinner with Cheung. "She told me to also invite Toby along, but then the matter was never brought up again."

"In the series, my character loves my daughter, Toby, and wife, Sheren Tang Shui Man deeply. Yet, my attitude is very playful and flirtatious; it’s contradictory! Haha!"

Michael spoke highly of Toby. "She is very quick-witted and smart! We are very loving, almost like a couple dating! Even the production crew can’t stand [our mushiness]!" While waiting to film, Michael and Toby were very chatty and continued to joke with each other.

Toby revealed taht she has known Michael for many years. "I’ve known Michael since I was a young child. During filming, he truly feels like my father! Thus it has been very easy to immerse into character."

"Before filming started for ‘The Drive of Life,’ I got to know Michael and Sheren better. Sometimes, they will call me in the morning and ask whether I have stepped out of the house yet."

What is Toby’s most memorable moment during filming thus far? "My parents, Sheren and Michael, always make me cry! The plot speaks of many family conflicts and once I start crying, I can not stop!"

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