Michael Miu & Cast Fly to Vancouver for 10 Days to Film ‘The Drive of Life’

On November 29th, Michael Miu Kiu Wai accepted a radio interview to promote his new series, "Dicey Business."

Michael praised the originality and entertainment value of the characters in "Dicey Business." Michael is satisfied with the ratings and couple with the positive word-of-mouth, he is confident that more audiences will be drawn to watch the series, increasing the ratings.

In the interview, Michael also praised co-star Jessica Hsuan for her professionalism. Michael feels that Jessica has very strong beliefs, which reminds him of Carol Dodo Cheng Yu Ling in this respect. "I remember one time, some fans wanted to take photos of Jessica. But she spoke in a serious tone that they should not take photos without asking for her permission first."

Michael is currently busy filming "The Drive of Life" (aka Shui Yuet Fung Wan). On November 30th, Michael took a flight with Sheren Tang Shui Man, Toby Leung Ching Kei, Wong Suk Yee and other cast and crew members to film some outdoor scenes for "The Drive of Life."

The cast will stay in Vancouver and film for 10 days.Upon returning to Hong Kong, they will continue filming "The Drive of Life." From March through April, Michael will fly to Beijing to film additional overseas footage. Despite the busy filming schedule, Michael is very happy filming with the cast.

Toby Leung is afraid of encountering cold weather and snow in Vancouver, where the temperature is currently below zero. "Since the scenes which we will be filming take place in the autumn, our costumes will be very thin. I have already brought my wool underwear for added warmth. Each day we will start filming at 6AM. I am worried that with the jetlag and time zone difference, I will be unable to fall asleep, so I have brought some sleeping pills along."

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