‘Men of Gung’ become Rivals in a New Drama Series

The two rivals who fought for the king’s throne and the love of Yoon Eun-hye in last year’s popular MBC drama ‘Gung (Princess Hour)’ which ended this March, have been cast in two new upcoming drama series, but are now competing for air time to attract more TV viewers because the dramas is on at the same time.

In the drama ‘Goong,’ Ju Ji Hun and Kim Jeong Hoon portrayed different kinds of roles, attracting many female fans in their teens to their thirties. The two actors will be competing to win the hearts of more female viewers in their individual dramas.

Ju Ji Hun comes back to the TV screen on Wednesday and Thursday’s drama ‘Mawang (Devil)’ (director Park Chan Hong, writer Kim Ji Woo), which airs on KBS 2 while Kim Jeong Hoon’s return can be seen on Wednesday and Thursday’s drama ‘Manyeo Yuhui’ (director Jeon Ki Sang, writer Kim Won Jin) which airs on SBS. Both dramas began on March 21st.

Ju Ji Hun plays a lawyer in ‘Mawang’ who is a rival of Eom Taewoong, trying to win the affections of Shin Minah. This casted role will allow Ju Ji Hun’s charisma to shine, which is already anticipated by many of his female fans. Ju Ji Hun will have a new image in this drama that will enhance himself as an actor.

Kim Jeong Hoon, on the other hand, plays the ambitious doctor in ‘Manyeo Yuhui,’ and like Ju Ji Hun in ‘Mawang’ Kim Jeong Hoon’s character will be struggling to win Han Ga-in’s love against Jae Hee and Denise Oh. Once a medical school student himself, Kim Jeong Hoon’s upcoming role as a doctor has already become the hot topic of conversation.

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