Melissa Ng is fit after having baby

Melissa Ng became a mother in July, and since baby’s birth, has hid herself from the public eye. The reporters spotted Melissa in Central and discovered that not only did she lose all her pregnancy weight, but she shines even brighter than before.

Earlier this year, Melissa admitted that she had been married since 2001 and is pregnant, with baby being due in July. One month before baby was born, she was still seen with her big belly shopping for baby products and items for herself.

Melissa started to lose weight soon after baby was born. She hired a personal yoga instructor to teach her yoga at home and had an expert help her out with a nutrition plan which helped control what she ate and drank. This helped her receive a fit body in the short two month’s time.

A reporter spotted Melissa at Central’s IFC mall in Lane Crawford’s shoe department with a female friend. She was looking at many shoes and even tried on a boot. In the end, she could not find anything she liked and left empty handed. But the reporter disccovered that she already lost her pregnancy weight and gained back her beautiful figure. It can even be said that her figure is more fit than before.

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