Melissa Ng Finally Takes a Vacation for a Month

Since TVB series “Love Guaranteed” has been airing, the ratings have been going up and up. For type cast strong businesswoman Melissa Ng, she is yet again in this role as she plays the headstrong bossy insurance salesperson in the show: “I quite like these light comedy shows because I can play a professional, but still add a little comedy to the role to bring it back to reality and make the viewers happier.”

This is the first time that Melissa has worked with Sunny Chan and although he is renowned as being a ‘gasbag’, Melissa managed to control him gently and the two created some sparks. She explains: “Sunny is a really good person and is very good at caring for others. Although sometimes he talks too much, I will use my ‘bossy’ nature and cut him up sometimes, so we have an understanding!” She admits that she has learned a lot from Sunny about life: “I am quite impatient as a person and sometimes when we eat together, Sunny will ask me why I am so rushed. From him, I have learned to take things at a more leisurely pace and that you have to let yourself relax sometimes.”

It has been three years since Melissa last took a long vacation and at last, she has managed to take a month of recently that she will be spending resting in Hong Kong: “I have been filming non-stop for three years and on some days working for 20 hours. I really don’t want to lose my soul to the company, so a long holiday will be a good reward for me.”

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