Medela Swing vs Freestyle vs PISA vs tommee tippee?

Which is suitable or works best? Been surveying around on the possibly the best one to get it, in hope to avoid bad experiences that could have been faced by others who have used it. Thanks to Google, we could easily get feedbacks or comments from mothers around the globe before proceeding to buy something that is not cheap.

I have been eyeing on Medela Swing and Freestyle for a while and later on get to know PISA and tommee tippee. There are many more brands out there, like Avents, Pureen and Spectra, but it would take ages if to gather comments for all and compare. I have always follow these set of factors to help me decides which brand and models to go for:

1. Base on the number of users toward a brand
2. how well one product is being accepted
3. the flexibility that the product can offer (functionality/effeciency/reliability)

Thus far, I have been getting good response on medela brand itself but varies on their models. then i went to some of the outlets that holds most of the model and seek for their advice from the sales and gather some details from them on how well those models are doing on their shop. From there, i’ve filtered off my list to medela swing, medela freestyle and medela PISA. i compared the review from online forums and it seems that freestyle and Pisa is frequently being compared. the vote are mostly toward Pisa even its bulkier in size and heavy, it does its work perfectly. as for freestyle, there are some who comments that it didnt work as good (as in suction power and fitment). thus, i crossed freestyle from the list.

then while i was in one of the outlet, one of the sales advisor recommend tommee tippee. and hearing from one side doesn’t sound convincing to me, i had some googling on the product at home. majority of the users who have used medela and tommee tippee prefers medela. moreover, if you are frequent readers on maternity mag, medela did won an award for most trusted brand. i guess i’ll still stick to medela brand.

what is left now is medela swing and pisa. medela swing is a single pump while pisa provides a pair and this could shorten the time on extraction. but when comes to portability, medela swing still works best. i guess ill be getting myself medela swing. anyone have any convincing point that can help me further justify which to get? no doubt there isn’t such thing as best of both world but im hoping i could get something which work best.

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