Me Magazine Interviewed Sammi about her comeback 2007

ME! is the interviewer, S is Sammi.

In North America, it is quite common for a star to disappear for a year or so. In HK, however, this becomes headline news.

ME! Enough rest? What’s your upcoming plan?
S There was happiness, dreams, and lookback during my hiatus. My wish for myself now is for both my work and life to be less hectic.

I had shed some tears during last year but in the end I manage to find more happiness and myself.

The people that has the most influence on me is God and myself. Gwen Stefani, Madonna, my parents, certain friends etc etc also played an important part.

During that time, I would like to sincerely thank the thirty seven thousand people that bought my compilation cd for their continue support even during a time where I have not sang for the entire year. This is very touching to me, thankyou, I treasure it greatly.

Right now, I am preparing myself for my May concert. I will spend double the amount of time to prep myself. I haven’t dance for quite sometime, I have the urge to do so. I will also be recording some new songs before the concert but there is no plan to put out a full cd.

ME! What about movies?
S Right now, I just want to produce a perfect concert. I am not too concern with other works.
I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself anymore. Relaxation, happiness and health are much more important to me.

ME! Are you still able to withstand those outside rumors?
S I am very scared of rumors, very scared of garbage rumors.

I sincerely wish for a happy work enivornment and health. I just want to quietly do my job, give more back to society and church, continue to write my articles, I really mean this!! I doubt there is any one that understand the importance of happiness and health.

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