Matthew Ko and Billy Kong (Both Mr. HK’s) at the Beach Earlier Showing Off Their Great Bodies

Matthew Ko joined good friend Billy Kong at the beach earlier as the two Mr. Hong Kong’s showed off their great bodies on the beach, attracting attention from male and female bathers alike!

Currently busy filming for TVB’s “Lush Fields Happy Times”, Matthew has been working out for his character and as well as going to the gym, he often goes sunbathing on the beach with his friends. After about half an hour, the two friends went out to a floating platform to do some diving and a man went up to them to start chatting. Maybe he was worried about being mistaken for being gay, but Matthew immediately jumped into the water to avoid the man.

Matthew later explained that the man was just wanting a cht and was not flirting with him. He says: “He just recognised me and just said a few words. He definitely wasn’t gay.” He also indicated that in order to make himself seem more masculine, then he has been working out hard: “I have a swimming scene with Myolie Wu in ‘Lush’ and to make myself look fitter, then I will go to the gym or go swimming as well as go tanning in the sun or in the salon in the hope of becoming darker and more manly.”

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