Matt Yeung has Learned his Lesson

Sherming Yiu and Matt Yeung have been appointed as spokesmodels for a beauty salon and yesterday they took part in a costume contest as guest stars. With the theme of the day as "Beauty and the Beast", this was reflected in their make up and Sherming’s costume incorporated some sparkly dust that made her very itchy, but this was more than made up for by her generous fee.

Matt was bound by a court to keep the peace for one year after being convicted of drink driving and then fighting with a bouncer in a night club. As punishment for getting into trouble all the time, TVB executive Virginia Lok has suspended all his work, including his part in "Predicting Fate", which is currently filming. Matt admitted that he no longer has a part in the show and says that when he was on leave, he did go to discuss this with the company as well as thinking things over himself. He says: "I am thankful that the company is giving me a chance, but I will have to wait for the company to arrange any future work. (Will you be reducing your visits to the clubs after this?) I will keep it to a minimum and work hard at turning over a new leaf."

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