Mariam, the ambassador of UNICEF

Miriam attended the opening ceremony of a golf course yesterday as the ambassador representing UNICEF to accept a cheque donation.

Miriam is working hard on a diet, having nutrition meal, avoiding sugar and salt everyday. When in Japan, her colleague asked her to smell the food to treat it as she has eaten it. It’s definitely a challenge to her will. Miriam said that she must eat a big meal after the concert at the celebration dinner.

Someone is selling Eason Chan’s concert tickets on the internet and even gives Miriam’s concert tickets as a bundle to attract buyers. Miriam didn’t know about this and thought it’s really strange. She said she will not feel unhappy about this because no one will give it free if it doesn’t have value. Another internet topic is Miriam’s music video for “Same sickness falls in love” copying Japanese singer YUI’s “Understand”. Miriam said this will have to ask her boss Leon Lai because she was just an actress for that and didn’t dare to give any comments.

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