Marco Ngai & Joyce Tang’s 9 Year Relationship Comes to an End

Marco Ngai and Joyce Tang, who have been together for 9 years and are known for being a sweet couple, have broken up.

Marco Ngai’s relationships in the past have always been a great variety. But ever since dating Joyce, Marco seemed to put his past “player” lifestyle behind him and the two even moved in together; and have since been labeled a sweet couple.

According to reports, the 9 year relationship started to have troubles a couple of months ago. Ever since not resigning with TVB, the two have been filming between Mainland & Hong Kong. Being at different places at the same time, they started to drift apart. At the beginning of the year, while Joyce was filming in Mainland, they were on a “cooling off” period [to see whether to continue on with their relationship]. But Marco did not hold up his end and was spotted with a long haired lady. The two were head on head and staring intently at each other, like a real couple.

To prove these reports true, a reporter stayed outside Marco and Joyce’s house to see if the two would be in the same house. For 2 days, the reporter only saw Joyce going into the house, but there were no signs of Marco.

When the reporter saw Joyce, he showed her a picture [as evidence] of Marco and his new “girlfriend” and told her that he was willing to go with her to where Marco’s new “girlfriend” was to ask her for an explination. Upon seeing the pictures, Joyce had no interest and said, “It is not necessary, I don’t want to talk about it.” As Joyce was leaving TVB’s studio, she was stopped by another reporter and asked about their breakup, not denying and with a smile she replied, “I am not going to answer this question, don’t ask me.”

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