Mani Fok Refuses to Unfreeze Isabella Leong

Still being in ‘the freezer’, Isabella Leong was highly complimented for her performance in ‘Isabella’ during the ‘World Film Festival of Bangkok’. The film itself even won the award for ‘Extraordinary Performance’. Chapman To used this chance to speak out for Isabella, hoping that she’ll be able to make a comeback, yet EEG doesn’t seem to have any plans to do so!

Isabella’s acting in ‘Isabella’ has been highly complimented, but it’s a pity that she has been frozen due to attitude problems, so she has been one of the ‘missing people’ lately. Yesterday, the film festival in Bangkok complimented of Isabella’s performance in ‘Isabella’, and the film easily defeated all the other films for an award. Chapman To responded happily, "I’m really happy. This proves that the director and I didn’t choose the wrong person to be the female lead! Her absence to the film industry has a huge effect; I’m planning for her to be part of two of my projects, so I hope she’ll come back soon and enlighten the film industry!"

Actually, many people have been defending Isabella from her freezing. Earlier, Anthony Wong commented, "From her face, we can see that she has had many life experiences, so if we use those experiences for acting, the effect should be pretty good!" However, Isabella’s manager, Mani Fok, doesn’t seem to have a change of heart. From a telephone interview, she said, "I am hoping that she can come back out and make money again as well, but we have rules in such a big company. If we just change our minds whenever we want, it is unfair for our other artistes. I am not punishing Isabella, but I want her to understand what is the right attitude she should be having towards her work."

Before being frozen, Isabella and Kenny Kwan cooperated on an ad for ‘France Bridal’. They also rented a grand yacht for the filming. On the day of filming, Kenny Kwan just had his wisdom teeth removed, so he had a swollen face. That is why he frequently made use of Isabella’s hair to cover it for him, very amusing!

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