Man Falsely Claiming to be TVB General Manager Stephan Chan

Reports broke in a magazine yesterday that a man, falsely claiming to be TVB General Manager Stephen Chan, had contacted artiste Ngi Kanin with the aim of obtaining telephone numbers for last year’s Miss Hong Kong winners Tracy Ip and Sharon Luk. He then contacted the girls claiming again to be Mr Chan and offering them a dinner date. As this is a serious allegation that could possibly affect their personal safety, TVB has turned this matter to the police and the case is currently under investigation with CID.

Kanin and Sharon were both working at TVB City yesterday and asked about this, Kanin says that the incident happened about two weeks ago, but the company did not want to say too much, so he just said: "This is in the hands of the police now." However, he does admit that he was suspicious about the call and he was wary that this person was not Stephen. He says: "There is no reason why the company would not know the numbers for the Miss Hong Kong winners. (Have you met with anything like this before?) When I first entered the industry, I received calls asking me if I was interested in attending dinner parties, saying that the wage for these jobs was $30,000 per month and that I would drive a Ferrari." He would ask them in return whether there was ever such an easy job. He feels that this incident is a warning and this is a good thing.

As for near victim Sharon, she did not wish to talk about it, saying: "I don’t want to say too much as this is in the hands of CID. (Will you be changing your number?) I have two phones anyway, one for work and one for my friends to call me on. Even before I entered the industry, people would make crank calls, you can’t avoid this. (Has that person reappeared after the incident?) Even if he did, I wouldn’t know who he was. (Have any strangers tried to get close to you?) Not really, but the company has security measures to protect us."

Tracy was asked about this yesterday and she says that when she received the call, she knew that it was not Mr Chan on the phone and the hesitation from the caller made her very suspicious. She humoured him a little because he was quite polite on the phone, but before he had a chance to mention the date, she had ended the call. Asked how she protects herself from fraudsters, she says: "When I was a model, I have received many calls like this and some would be talking dirty or try to claim to be a relative. I have never met these people though and if this was an intentional act, then it is a mockery of artistes. (Will you change your number?) No, I don’t usually answer unknown numbers." She says that foiling this prank was all thanks to watching the ‘Police Call’ programme.

Tracy’s rumoured boyfriend Don Li indicated that she has spoken to him about this because she was interviewed by the police so she could not meet him for dinner. He says: "This is a small farce and maybe it was a fan playing pranks. (It is dangerous though?) Yes. Not only for female artistes, even normal girls are worried about these incidents because this is disrespectful to women. (Will you be protecting Tracy?) No, she can look after herself. (Will you be picking her up?) Maybe I should answer her calls and filter them for her!"

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