Malaysian Singer Nicholas Teo Cries Because of Stress

Taiwan idol-drama "Smiling Pasta"???pasta?, starring Malaysia pop singer Nicholas Teo (???) and Taiwan singer Cyndi Wang (???) has just started showing in the island yesterday. Taiwanese audiences’s were busy talking about the perfect match in the drama and comparing their acting skills with their singing skills, with few people noticing that Nicholas Teo had cried several times during the filming of the drama.

Chinese entertainment website, reported after interviewing singer Nicholas Teo, who is better known as Zhang Dong Liang to Asian people, that the singer looked exhausted and wouldn’t stop complaining about how hard it is to film a long TV drama, plus he’s away from his family and friends which made him feel more lonely. He revealed that he suffered from coldness and diarrhea and some other diseases and lost at least 10kg. "I think I won’t sign any film contracts for the near future, I would rather to concentrate on my singing career and bring more good songs to my fans and Asian people" he said,"By the way, to be a singer is much more easier to be an actor".

The storyline of Smiling Pasta actually seems quite similar to the Korean superhit

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