Malaysian Contestant Survives 122 seconds on ‘Minutes to Fame’

Hosted by Miriam Yeung and Sammy Leung, the third episode of the new series of "Minutes to Fame" continued filming earlier, with guest judge Roger Kwok. The Malaysian contestant ‘Overseas Dragon’ who won the second show defended his title with his acrobatics and kung fu captivating the judges so much that they forgot to strike the bell. Finally. he managed to last a massive 122 seconds before being stopped, breaking all records for a non-final show.

When they introduced Roger, Miriam announced: "This is ‘My Favourite’!", but the music came on and she asked: "Was my pronunication not right?". Sammy immediately laughed: "No, ‘mai fay fut’ is Ron Ng!" making Miriam repeat it again in perfect English.

In the three shows hosted by Miriam so far, many of the contestants have managed to last over 60 seconds, so the prize money has been greater than vefore. However, with the greatest winner so far, she says frankly: "I know that I am too busy laughing and forget to ring the bell. Next time I will be more careful." Miriam has been laughing so hard after doing this show, she has pulled a muscle in her neck, which has swollen up, but she is yet to see a doctor. The reason is because she does not know how to explain to the doctor how the injury came about.

This show also yielded a contestant from Guangzhou called ‘Japan Geisha’, wearing a short kimono with super short hot pants and dancing to fast music. When Sammy saw this, he covered up Roger’s eyes, but found himself staring intensely. In order to continue watching the pretty girl dancing, he even stopped Miriam and Roger from ringing the bell. Finally, Miriam managed to force the bell at 73 seconds and send the girl away, mocking Sammy saying: "Wipe the saliva off your mouth! Sammy, you are embarrassing us!"

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