Major concert to celebrate Liza’s 40 yrs in showbiz

<Gold Songs of Our Century Concert> would be held at the HK Coliseum next month. The press conference, which was held yesterday, was attended by most singers that would be performing at the concert. They include: Liza Wang, Fanny, Adam Cheng, Kevin Cheng, Raymond Lam, Susanna Kwan etc.

Joined the entertainment world for 40 years

Liza Wang and Susanna Kwan became good friends after filming <Pearl of the Orient>, they are described as a pair of golden sisters. At the press conference, Susanna gave a gold watch to Liza as a gift, while she wore a silver watch herself. This is because Liza bought her a LV handbag for her when Liza visited Germany during the worldcup fever. Therefore, Susanna wanted to give something to Liza in return. Liza pointed out that Susanna did a great job in <Pearl> and that she would receive the "Most Improved Actress" award. Next year (2007) would be Liza’s 40th anniversary in the entertainment world. She would also be turning 60. Liza’s planning to hold several concerts next year. Liza would certainly be very busy next year and would not have time for other shows. As for her birthday party, Liza’s planning to keep it low.

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