Maggie Shiu and Kate Tsui join Simon Yam at Hong Kong Film Festival,

The 31st Hong Kong International Film Festival had its grand opening yesterday, showing two films – local production "Eye in the Sky" and Korean film "I’m a Cyborg But That’s OK". This also marked the Hong Kong premier for "Eye", so the film’s producer Johnny To and Tsui Siu Ming, director Yau Nai-hoi and cast members Simon Yam, Maggie Shiu, Kate Tsui and Lam Suet were all present. As the guests all walked up the red carpet, Maggie and Kate both appeared in white dresses, the former showing off her legs and the latter, her shoulders as they stole the show. During the show, Kate was afraid of revealing herself and was forever tugging at the top of her dress, looking a little unrefined. Other guests at the event included Nick Cheung, Sean Lau and Amy Kwok. Yesterday also happened to be Simon’s birthday. so when everyone sung happy birthday to him he could not turn it down. He will be celebrating with his wife at a crab restaurant,

Already a tall girl, Maggie wore six inch heels to go with her outfit that made her look even taller. She reveals that she was in a rush to get to the event, so she had to run here and this has left her cramping in both legs. Asked if anyone has massaged her legs for her, she smiles: "Yes, my mother, or my beautician." As for Kate’s sexy look, Maggie laughs that she would rather show off her lower body than brave the cold at the top of her body. This is the first time that Kate has taken on a leading movie role, so she dressed up carefully for the event and her outfit costs a five figure sum.

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