Maggie Q & Edison Chen & Gillian/ah sa from twins scandal video

You might have heard that those video are going to be released by a person named “Kira”. Searching up and down in Google for the abovementioned keyword in relate to youtube or any movies extension “.mov”, “.avi”, or even “.3gp” will not return any of the positive result. It has been said that the Maggie Q video has once been spread through Youtube but later removed by the authority. Kira treaten to post the Gillian video but never do so.

 There have been too much rumours and news around the net. But the main reason behind all this was still unknown. Some claimed that Kira request for ransom but failed and thus, those leakage. Kira, himself denied that. Who is Kira? What’s the main purpose for all the havoc caused in this New Year 2008? Does that means some phenomena will storm the entertainment world?

One thing for sure, it’s all for the sake of entertainment. Life goes on, eat, work and sleep as usual. Don’t get too emotional with what have happened but look forward for a better days tomorrow!

 Happy Valentine’s Day 2008~!

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