Maggie Cheung Signs with Hollywood Agent

Maggie Cheung Man Yuk ended her contract with Wong Kar Wai’s Chak Dung film company and has signed with a Hollywood management company.

Maggie will focus her career on Hollywood, following the footsteps of Chinese actresses, Gong Li and Zhang Ziyi.

A representative from Chak Dung confirmed that Maggie’s contract had expired. "We had a good partnership with Maggie over the last several years. Due to the sucess of ‘In the Mood for Love’ 《花樣年華》, Maggie won numerous awards. We are happy that she will be heading towards Hollywood!"

"No matter what her future requests may be, we will continue to support Maggie. We wish her the best of luck in Hollywood!"

Allegedly, Maggie will appear as a special guest at Cannes 60th anniversary celebration. Perhaps Maggie will run into Wong Kar Wai then.

Maggie is currently in Taiwan filming a skincare ad. Although her fee was $8 million (HKD), the advertiser felt that the price was well worth it and praised Maggie’s professionalism.

Maggie’s beauty regimen in maintaining her skin quality includes careful cleansing, moisturizing, and getting enough rest. While Maggie was filming the ad in Taiwan, Chak Dung representatives were present.

In the last several years, several Asian actresses have successfully entered the Hollywood market. Below are their estimated filming fees:

Zhang Ziyi- $3 to $5 million (USD)

Gong Li- $2 to $5 million (USD)

Michelle Yeoh- $3 million (USD)

Maggie Q – $500k to $1 million (USD)

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