Lydia Shum Rushes to the Hospital for a Surgery

There were news yesterday that Lydia Shum was suddenly rushed to the hospital. It is possible that her hosting job for next weekend’s ????????? will be taken over. There were people that saw Lydia and Yan Yi being treated at the hospital yesterday. Lydia’s facial expressions looked painful. So what exactly is wrong with Lydia? The reporters contacted Lydia yesterday and she said with a weary voice, "I had a bile duct surgery today. Thanks everyone for caring. I basically don’t have anymore problems but my wound just hurts and I want to throw up."

Four years ago, Lydia actually had 36 gallstones removed during a surgery. But she was once again rushed to the hospital because of a bile duct inflammation. Yesterday morning she had undergone an endoscopic surgery. With her daughter Yan Yi by her side, the surgery went well. Lydia has always respected her work. She had promised TVB to be the host of Septemer 9’s program, but will now have to see whether she can heal in time.

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