Luo Zhi Xiang stops hosting “Entertainment 100%”

Wanting to focus on his singing career, XiaoZhu will quit "Entertainment 100%"? XiaoZhu’s ex-manager was heard about this and commented: "He should think it clearly before he decides. Nowadays it’s different; you cant just rely on your CD sales to support a family, one needs to be good at everything." Hearing that comment, XiaoZhu responds: "Before because of hosting i would have to give up some things that i enjoyed doing, but i would still choose one." XiaoZhu’s manager now adds: "Thanks for that comment, we will think it through clearly." As for the "chosen one," it was the hosting of "Entertainment 100%"

For the past 2 years, XiaoZhu’s album sales have been getting better and better. Yesterday he held a autograph session at XiMenDing which attracted a lot fans, this pays off for his hard work on his newest album, "SpeShow." But also because there were so many people, there was another pervert that was present, just like that last time he held a autograph session. When a few female fans went onstage to hug and get a autograph from XiaoZhu, one said: "There was a man dressed in black who touched my butt." This worried XiaoZhu so he took the mic while onstage and said: "If anyone sees him, scream so we can catch him, dont let him go."

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