Lui Fong Will Marry Carol Cheng When he Wins Top Award

Lui Fong announced earlier that he will be holding his concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum on the 9th and 10th of March and on his birthday yesterday, a group of dedicated fans prepared soft toys and chocolate flowers to celebrate with him. There were slight hiccups when the waiter knocked over some champagne glasses and the curtain above the promotional boards would not lift.

Asked how he would be celebrating his birthday with girlfriend Carol Cheng, he says: "It will be a very simple meal. (With gifts?) She has prepared one, but I don’t know what it is, but every year is about the same." When the reporters asked if there is a third piece of good news in that he will propose to her at the concert, Lui Fong says: "No, I won’t do these things. I have not proposed to her after so many years, wait until I have won the top award. (Can she wait?) We have been together for fifteen years now. (Carol is your secret strategist?) She has given me moral support and makes coffee for me to drink. (Will you invite her on stage?) She doesn’t know how to sing."

Dubbing himself as the ‘Prince of Love Songs’, Lui Fong will focus on romantic melodies in his concert and will not show off his muscles. Asked if the pressure is great, he says: "It is always there." His music special will be aired this evening with a special appearance from Carol, who is the surprise guest, bringing him a birthday cake.

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