‘Love is Not All Around’ Doing Well, Stephy & Alex are Happy

Stephy Tang and Alex Fong yesterday attended a conference for their new movie, ‘Love is Not All Around’ (十分愛) at a Kowloon Bay college. Both the director of the movie, Patrick Kong and their manager, Paco Wong were present at the conference. Since the movie began airing in cinemas on Thursday, it has reached $1 380 000 in box offices, thus achieving a great start. It has been reported that blockbuster ‘Protégé’ had only hit $900 000 in the box offices on its first day. This proves that small budget movies may not be worse off than blockbusters. At the conference, Alex and Stephy had discussions with the students. When asked by reporters if they were afraid that the students would ask some difficult questions, Stephy laughed and said that it is reporters that ask difficult questions.

Stephy then said that throughout filming this film, she has had a few arguments with Alex, which she hopes to share with the students. Alex on the other hand, hoped that the students would not ask questions about his rumours. When asked if he hoped that ‘Love is Not All Around’ would reach over 10 million in the box office, Alex expressed that he definitely wishes for that to happen because ‘Marriage with Fool’ had made $7 million at the box office. ‘Love is Not All Around’ is currently competing with ‘Spiderman 3’ in the box office.

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