Louisa So’s Movie Released; Alex Fong Admits Crushes on Niki, Gillian, & Stephy!

Louisa So Yuk Wah’s new movie, "Wishes Come True" 《心想事成》will be airing over the Lunar New Year holiday in Hong Kong. Yesterday, Louisa and cast members Ronald Cheng, Guk Tak Chiu, Cheung Tat Ming, and Alex Fong attended a promotion for the movie at a Lunar New Year flower market. Ronald and Alex wrote New Year blessings and distributed them to the audience present, but they kept writing the words "Wishes Come True"《心想事成》to promote their new movie!

Alex said that he will be buying peach blossoms to improve his people relations. Does he intend to use the peach blossoms to increase his romantic luck?

Earlier when Alex was a guest on Stephen Chan’s "Be My Guest," he revealed that he harbored special feelings for Stephy Tang and Niki Chow Lai Kei before. Alex also admitted that he had even pursued Gillian Chung in the past!

Since the taping of "Be My Guest," Alex refuted his statements and said he only said he liked the above actresses because he was taking a love quiz. However, Alex revealed that he tend to fall in love with women easily. But he said friends and dating are separate issues.

Louisa So said she did not have to work on Valentine’s Day and spent it with her boyfriend. However she still did not purchase a gift yet day before Valentine’s.

The mischievous Ronald indicated that it was his first time shopping at the flower markets for Lunar New Year. "Wishes Come True" is the first movie directed by Ronald, known for his comedy sense. He plans to enter the movie theaters incognito on New Year’s Eve night to observe the audience’s reactions to his new movie!

The cast members gathered for a group photo in front of the orchid booths at the market, stopping the pedestrian traffic.

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