Louisa So Takes a Break

"Beautiful Cooking Goddess" Louisa So joined celebrity chef Lee Kam Luen yesterday for a promotional event at the Mongkok Flower Market as judges for the ‘Student Healthy Lunch Box Competition’. With the recent move towards healthy eating, Louisa indicates that she is a bit of a health freak at heart and says: "When I eat, everything has to be in proportion, which is 3 parts starch to 2 parts vegetables and 1 part meat. Also eating plainer is good for your health." As well as taking care over eating well, Louisa also exercises well and every week, she will go at least once to play badminton, because only regular exercise can bring good health. As for the modern trend in organic foods, is she a supporter? She says she would like to give it a try.

Talking of her performance, Louisa says she is currently taking a break and she will not have a new TVB series until after the Chinese New Year in March. After this series is completed, around June, then she will be concentrating on rehearsals for her stage production "Secret Love of Plum Blossom Field", which will open in August. Asking whether she will be going away whilst she has a break, she says she has not planned to go on vacation and should be staying in Hong Kong for the new year celebrations.

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