Louisa So is Not Easily Intimidated

There are not many real actors in Hong Kong. Fans who raise name plates and scream out artists’ names on the street…those artists are merely idols. There have never been an occasion where people have raised the name plate of Louisa So Yuk Wah and loudly screamed, “Ah So, ah So!”

Louisa started laughing, “Oh please! I’m afraid I can not help but burst out laughing!” Louisa keeps a low-profile in everything. If fans were to support Louisa, all you have to do is nod your head and smile when you pass her on the street. Anyhow, that’s how Louisa has trodded her path in the past years.

Louisa’s parents never had to worry about her. When Louisa was a student, she got good grades and returning home after school, she would take care of her younger siblings, cook dinner, wash clothes, and do all the chores.

“It’s good to have your own responsibilities [as a child]. My parents were very busy at work. Since our family was very poor, we have to all share the household responsibilities. After my elder siblings grew up, they found jobs and earned money, helping out with family expenses and making everyone’s lives more comfortable. That should be the way things are. Since I was a young child, I knew this was my responsibility too.”

A Good Student Always Saying Yes

From first grade onwards, for a total of 9 years, Louisa earned outstanding grades in school and was the class president. Each year, she was the ideal student getting good grades and maintained this position until junior high school.

“I did not turn into a bad student, but one day, my mind cleared and I asked myself, ‘Why am I so well-behaved?’ Being well-behaved means ‘Saying Yes’ all the time. ‘Saying No’ doesn’t mean that you’re rebellious, but you can not learn anything if you do everything that you’re told to do.”

“I found out that by questioning others and thinking deeply about matters, I can broaden my mind. From Form 1 to Form 2 (high school), my whole personality changed and became more lively. I started interacting with more people and making myself more well-rounded.”

Challenging the School Principal

Louisa attended an all-girls school and was highly involved in extra-curricular activities. She participated in St. John’s Ambulance Services and became the Chairman of the program.

“We always held a St. John’s Ambulance Services reunion for the entire Hong Kong. But when we were in Form 6, the school principal violently objected and thought that my intention was to meet more boys through the event.”

“I immediately went to the principal’s office to discuss the situation in a calm, logical manner. I wanted him to know that if my intention were to meet boys, I didn’t have to make such elaborate arrangements. The principal could not stop me and thus our party continued as planned.”

Looking at Things from Different Perspectives

The cool-headed Louisa looks at matters from many perspectives, “I’m the logical type and do not believe that things happen for no reason. If you can only see things from your own perspective, then you are not fair to the matter.”

“Regarding ‘Men in Pain,’ if my partner were like Damian Lau Chung Yan’s character who is involved with another woman, it is very difficult to forgive him. But I will ask myself if I have any responsibility too because if two people were sincerely in love with each other, then there should not be room for another third party. Then is the fault stemming from within myself too? I don’t believe that such problems arise because of one person’s fault. We should look at it from each other’s perspective.”

“There have been many unhappy events that took place over the years, but I have been able to handle them all very well. I am easy-going, but that does not mean I have no expectations. My tolerance level is quite high, but that does not mean I do not have a temper. I can be extremely angry if you cross my limits. But I have two choices: either withdraw or fight back.”

Louisa has been followed by the paparazzi, in which reporters took secret photos of her. Also reporters have surrounded Louisa one time when she went out to eat dinner with her boyfriend. But reading the published articles, Louisa just laughed several times! Despite being followed for 2 days, Louisa continued to maintain her normal lifestyle.

“I am a professional actress. After getting off from work, I have my own life just like normal people do. I like to go out with my boyfriend. I need to have my own space, but being followed by the paparazzi did not change my normal routine.”

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