Louis Koo & Yoyo Mung at Italian Promo; Yoyo Gave Her First to Ekin

Louis Koo Tin Lok, Yoyo Mung Ka Wai, and model Amanda Strang were at a brand promotional event, "A Total Italian Experience." Since the day before was Ekin Cheng Yi Kin’s birthday, Yoyo baked a chocolate cake and brought red wine for the birthday party. This was the first public gesture to acknowledge Yoyo and Ekin’s dating relationship.

Ekin said that he and Yoyo were in the "developing stage" to describe their relationship. Yoyo smiled happily and when reporters asked Yoyo if she had taken special leave in order to appear at Ekin’s birthday party, Yoyo said that she just happened to have a break. Reporters pointed out that Yoyo is very detail oriented in baking a cake for Ekin.

"It is the first time I baked a cake; the first time I gave a cake to someone. I baked it the night before." Will Yoyo also be spending Mid-Autumn festival with Ekin? She refused to answer.

Some reporters noted the Yoyo borrowed tactics from Ekin’s ex-girlfriend, Gigi Leung, who had also revealed romantic relations with Ekin at his birthday party. Yoyo’s expression changed and she said, "I will not respond to any questions." (When Yoyo sees Gigi, will there be awkwardness?) "How should I answer? There will not be any akwardness at any given time."

Louis Koo was special guest at the Italian promo and he gave out the Italian leather purses to the guests present. Earlier this week, Louis was the Best Man at Grasshopper Calvin Choy’s wedding. Louis expressed happiness for the new couple. But did Louis have intentions to get married himself soon? Louis joked and said he still has not found his other half yet, so he will focus on his career instead.

Louis’ new movie, "Rob-B-Hood" scored ideal box office results. Jackie Chan is currently overseas, so the cast and crew may have a celebration dinner once Jackie returns to Hong Kong. Despite the hectic filming, the movie had a big budget, so Louis was happy about the good results.

Louis joked about making a sequel with Jackie, but since the babies are quickly growing up, they might have to change the plot line.

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